Recruiters: Set your day up for success (In a tight COVID job market)

The job market/hiring during COVID has been negatively effected nearly every industry across the country.

With few jobs to work on, Recruiters can stay top of mind, relevant, and develop a successful pipeline by incorporating some of the following strategies to structure their day….

20 Rule: Perform 5 tasks in each category, every day to be a Successful Recruiter

    • Sales – Follow Up, Research, News, Posting jobs on LinkedIN or other sites, Blogging, Content Creation
    • Social – 3, 2, 1 Approach (3 Likes or 2 Comments or 1 Shared Article) LinkedIN?
    • Candidates – Prospecting, Candidate Locking, etc…..
    • Clients – Research, Referrals, Insider news from a Consultant/Candidate, etc…